Can You Change Your Tissue Paper Definition? : Clay Play – Motherjane

After a looong gap, Motherjane is back with their new line-up and a killer single. After their lead guitarist (Baiju Dharmajan) and vocalist(Suraj Mani) left, motherjane lost their rhythm guitarist Deepu Sasidharan recently. He is now the managing the new and promising band called Masala Coffee. Kudos to Clyde(Bass) and John(Drums) who have managed to stay together through the hard times; and coming up with something like ‘Clay Play’? Woah! That’s fantastic.

Current Line-up

Vivek Thomas – Vocals
Nithin Vijayanath – Guitar
John Thomas – Drums
Clyde Rozario – Bass Guitar


‘Clay Play’, their new single has lot of difference in sound compared to their previous album. From Progressive Rock to Post Rock does really looks refreshing while retaining the carnatic elements in a more subtle but cool way. Vocals are awesome with all those high octave sustains, but it may take some time for janiacs to adjust to the new singing style and for this particular track, singing along won’t be that easy. Two things I’m so impressed about this track is its mixing and of course mastering. You should listen to this track with a real good headset in HD. Can’t explain the awesomeness that it produce. This track is produced by none other than the mastero: Rex Vijayan. You can easily notice his influence in the track. Another honorable mention goes to John for his terrific effort in drumming. Clyde awesome as always and new guitarist is promising too; looking forward to hearing more from him.


Produced by – Rex Vijayan
Mixed by – Abin Paul
Mastered by – Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound, New York
Vocals recorded by Binil Eldhose at NHQ


Clay play video is produced by Papaya media, who are famous for their work in movies like Salt & Pepper, and a lot of other stuff.  Have you visited Cafe Papaya? The video retains the old format of motherjane videos like Broken. This time, showing the life of an IT guy who is struggling with his work and eventually taking that difficult decision to quit and to follow his passion. To be frank, I could totally relate to it.


Produced by – Papaya Media
Directed by – Abhilash Kumar
DOP – Ajay Menon
Editor & Colourist – Saiju Sreedharan
Art Direction – Elwin Charly
Camera Associates – Viswom Charly, Bilu Tom Mathew, Abdul Rahim
Executive Producer – Harshad Ali
Studio – Studio Papaya

Heard that they are working on their new album. Wish you all the best Motherjane!

Note from the Band on the 19th anniversary

Today marks the 19th anniversary of Motherjane!! It’s been a terrific journey so far.

It’s incredible that what started off in Mithun’s room as a makeshift band has come this far . So many great players came in and went out.So many lessons learned and many yet to be emoticon.In this linear time sequence Motherjane would like to thank Mithuns’ father – Mr.Raju who funded our first public gig at Fine Arts Hall,kochi.Always grateful to you,and Mr.Paulson Raphael for sponsoring our very first gig at St.Albert’s college.

In hindsight ,we see everything that happened,actually added to the big picture.As in Rex left the band and started Avial,a legendary act which changed the sound of Indian Rock forever and Mithun is spearheading the new wonder -Thaikudam Bridge , Baiju touring far and wide as a guitar demi god ,Suraj scaling new heights as a Rock Poet , Nirmal David became an award-winning animator,Laji and Shyam along with Mithun going ahead with Pseutopia,Santosh digging it with Arka,Deepu into sessions,Deepak dev composing for Movies,Biju,Sesil and Ravi. All finding their respective spaces and in pursuit of happiness and new ideas..
Great pleasure and gratitude in sharing this collective dream called Motherjane. A big thanks for the fans who stood by us all these years .You are people who inspire us to go ahead…Grateful.

RSI 8/13: TDT – The Depot of Talent

I know I’m late to the party. Not posting that frequently now a days. It is been weeks/months since The Down Troddence, one of my favorite bands in India did a sweep at Rolling Stones Metal Awards, bagging 8 out of 13 awards.

  1. Best Band (Critics’ Choice)
  2. Best Album (Critics’ Choice) – How are you? We are fine thank you.
  3. Best Song (Critics’ Choice) – Nagavalli
  4. Best Band (Popular Choice)
  5. Best Album (Popular Choice)
  6. Best Song (Popular Choice)
  7. Best Guitarist – Varun Raj
  8. Best Artwork – Abhijith VB

I urge everyone who read this to buy their album from The 199 bucks you spend is worth it. If you want a hard copy you can get it from

The best thing about the album is the song Nagavalli. There is a killer unofficial video cut by Riaz Hassan. View it below.

  • Spellbinding guitar solo
  • Terrific arrangement.
  • Usage of malahiri raga
  • Breakdown
  • Out of the world artwork of Nagavall
  • Recording and Mixing by Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor

Well, I can go on and on praising this song. It is one of the best tracks India ever produced in my opinion.


The album includes another track called Forgotten Martyrs featuring the “God of Small Strings” himself! (Baiju Dharmajan).Improved versions of their earlier tracks, Death Vanity, ortnIavihS, Shiva are present in the album. Other notable tracks are Hell Within Hell (that wicked carnatic riff) and KFC(breakdowns again).



ULKKA! My Background Score Debut

One fine day Sohal, one of my colleagues comes up and asks me “Hope you are okay with doing music for our short film, Its a comedy-romance kind. It will give you exposure as a Music Director!”. Two things came to my mind.

  1. I’m not a music director. There are no people working for me. I’m just an enthusiast. Why did he use that term?
  2. Although I have done some tracks just for sake of fun, I realized it to be no fun when working for a film, but rather an exhaustive and tiring job. Is it really worth doing it again?

I decided to embrace the opportunity without having any idea of what that means to me.

Started out with my iPod as usual using iRig; Did a couple of tracks. It was by that time, I’m buying a Macbook pro, which helped me to fine tune my tracks. It also allowed recording guitar directly from my Digitech RP500 eliminating noise that i get when using iRig. Sohal kept pinging me again and again each and every day until he got what he wanted. Kudos to him.

Another thing that makes this project special for me is one of the tracks I did. This short film contains a scene that I could relate heavily during that time. I wrote two lines of lyrics which was quite insane and started singing it while strumming my guitar on A minor scale. Name of the track is “Where are you” (which is instrumental with guitar lead for obvious reasons) which I hold very close to my heart and is an ode to that person who stood as the reason for all that thought process inside me, who unknowingly(i hope) motivated, and inspired me to be a better human being(Not saying that it changed me!). You can hear it below.

Now, speaking about the short film, it is named “ULKKA” which means meteor and has a tag line “An ulkka is following each one of you”. ULKKA is a journey of Sankaran in pursuit of his love on the last day of the world. It is a satire that showcases what a common man do on the last day.  The movie has already  crossed  50,000+ views on youtube. Watch it below!


Starring Shabi B Kahar, Rashmi K Nair, Abhimanyu Ramanandan, Rajesh Vijayan, Lalkishore, Somesh S ,Jeemon Joy

Directed By Mohamed Sohal

DOP Adarsh Bhargav

Editor Appu Bhattathiri

Screenplay Abhimanyu Ramanandan

Story Praveen Raj B R

Dialogues Rajesh Vijayan

Music Ragesh Chakadath

Sound Design Shefin Mayan (sound man)

Produced By Vinithchandran R

Hope you liked it.

A Kerala Culture #Fail @Technopark

Techno park, the largest IT park in India. I’m a software engineer working in this green and serene campus. During my early days, one thing that i couldn’t resist but take notice (it happens frequently) is the rubbish done by a company to welcome its clients in the name of Kerala Culture. To be able to point out such a thing I must possess a decent knowledge on Kerala culture. Being from a place known as the cultural capital of Kerala, somewhat gives me the privilege.

Speaking of the welcome ceremony, there will be an elephant so skinny that it can be tied along with the cattle (“yes, that old Malayalam saying”). Besides that, the drummers who perform the “melam?” don’t seem to know what they are doing. I never heard something like that in my place. Something worse than “Shinkari melam” which itself is not considered as a classical form of art. It sounded to me like a combination of dappankutthu and the beats for Pulikkali.

I enjoy various traditional percussion ensembles like “Pacharimelam”, “Pandi Melam”, “Thayambaka” “Panchavadyam” in all its authenticity and to see something foul being served in the name of Kerala Culture felt like an insult.

However, the idea of traditional welcome looks so refreshing when done appropriately in a client perspective. No resorts in here seem to offer such a welcome ceremony. Given the first impression that makes them feel special, it can eventually get some business! But I don’t really like the idea of companies going to any extent to win a business especially in the wrong direction. In my opinion, they should be showcasing their capability instead.

I started this post as a draft 3 years ago. It is sad that it is still continued the way it is.

Auto PNR! What an Idea Sir!

Ticket booking from IRCTC has always been and is still the most addictive multiplayer game India ever produced. Forget tatkal. If somehow you survived the thousands (which infact is more than the website can handle) to get a ticket, problems are not yet over. A good initiative by the indian railways to go green had a tremendous impact as people need to carry only the confirmation SMS. Sadly the information in the SMS is hardly readable as it contains lot of unnecessary info (or it looks like that to me) and it is really difficult to locate the SMS for next train i’m going to board. You may need to remember your seat and coach number. Also, if you are having a ticket that is not confirmed, its not very easy to get the status as the website is not responsive and the UI of current PNR status apps are crappy.

Here is where this gem of an app I found comes in handy. AutoPNR is an android application developed by Abu Sufiyan. It works like a charm with its simple and responsive interface. It simply reads your SMS stack to get the active tickets and displays the details like your PNR number, Seat number, time of departure, train number etc in a neat and clean way. This app actually helped me today to realise that I have booked a wrong ticket for my return this monday. By clicking on the entries you can see the live status of the ticket incase if it is not confirmed.

So no more searching through SMS. Use AutoPNR. You can find the link to the app below.


A Song for a Team Trip

Yes. This is my first composition. Its a song in Malayalam that starts with “Manjuneer thulli’ with beautiful lyrics by Shiny, my colleague. The two female vocals are by Shiny and Rashmi. It could’ve been a normal team trip that we used to have half-yearly. But this time Sohal came up with an idea of making a song to just “show off” in his own words! I took it a bit seriously I guess. I made three samples using the garage band app in my iPod. Thanks to the iRig that helped me connect to the iPod to record the guitar.

Approach was simple. Select scale – select time signature -> program drums, ->bass -> rhythm guitar. That’s what I primarily did. Out of 3, everyone unanimously chose the third sample. Lyrics was ready by the next day. We tried singing with the sample and by the next day we recorded using the same device, the iRig and a dynamic mic connected to it. The date of trip was so close so it was unthinkable, the idea of going to a studio even though we wanted to record at least the vocals in studio and mix it with the rest. After recording vocals of both Rashmi and shiny mixing was the most tedious job as we didn’t do the recording properly at first place and the only effects to be added is what is available on a guitar amp in garage band so played with reverb and equalizer. By that time I had also added a solo with relatively simple solo and rhythm portions.

We played it during our trip to munnar and the response was in fact good. Check out!


Emergency for KFC?

Last Saturday (relative) KFC opened a store at Trivandrum city, the first in the city! I didn’t go home that weekend spending it fairly lazily checking Facebook status, and something that I don’t even remember. Fairly a colorless Saturday that was until I saw the twitter status update from Subin “KFC opened at Trivandrum”. I saw the store under construction two three weeks earlier. However I asked him regarding the same. “Heavy rush man! you will have to wait in queue to give order. But, hot girls! a lot of them!” The second sentence did give a spark! Ok, lets go check it out then! Hmm he’s already gone there today!

After some time got a call from Arjun which gave me a perfect opportunity and yes, its 8.30 AM we started from Kazhakkuttom to Trivandrum. As it was the end of the month, the obvious scenario. Asked my roommate Rakesh to transfer some bucks to my account at the expense of a parcel for him, Extra premium petrol for Rs. 200 to ensure smooth journey. It wasn’t fun riding through the wet streets dodging every car that lavishly overtakes through the wrong side and not to mention the risky overtakes with the middle fingers up for the dumb-ass drivers who think they own the road! When we got there the sight left me spell bound. WTF? Is this a frigging movie hall? KFC is literally “house-full”! People pouring in at a higher rate than the ones getting out even at 10 PM in a city where there’s no such thing called night life!

“No options! Lets dig in!” Arjun somehow managed to get in and so did I. About five counters active where each one having 30-40 people in queue.  “You stand in the queue! I’ll find some place to sit and eat!” I had to admit because he’s having better communication skill and such a thing is more useful blocking a table than simply standing patiently! About half an hour in queue and I’m nearly 10 desperate souls away from giving my order?!  Suddenly this one fat guy with that classic innocent expression on his face pushed me lightly with his meaty shoulders and there you are! He’s now in-front of me. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him as I was totally clueless on what’s happening. Innocence vs clueless-ness who’s gonna win? Yep! You guessed it right. His next sentence shocked me! “Sorry! Its an emergency!” A wink after that sentence and I could see the innocent expression is no longer there on his face. When I was about to say “Get the heck out!” I saw a small kid along with him, there was no time to think as the long he stays there the more it becomes his privilege. Finally I let him stay there thinking of that little guy! “Uncle can U order Ice creams too?” WTF? He’s not the fatty’s son! Well, nice and pissed off!  This guy never ended it there. He made lot of problems there at the counter cancelling what he ordered after its given, spilling it all over there and asking for replacement.

Ok, Its over! Now its only 4 people away! Guess what? It happened again! Another one this time a skinny not-so old but slightly grey one with the same innocent-face trying to push in slightly!  “Not this time!” I stopped him! “Sir, the queue ends there” I showed him the end of queue and to my surprise, he politely agreed, said thanks and went back! Damn! I could’ve done that earlier!? F**king emergency!